See Results! Meet MAC member, Joann (Jo) Miller!, She is proof …

…Change your Habits, change your Health!

Concerns about heart problems have been a stressor in Jo’s life; her dad died of a heart attack and her husband has been seeing a cardiologist due to mitral valve prolapse. In the Fall of 2010 after experiencing symptoms herself, Jo saw her husband’s cardiologist and tests indicated she had 40-50% blockage in two major arteries and her heart was not beating as it should. The doc recommended she get on medication immediately.

Instead of going on medication, Jo decided to get serious about a lifestyle change. While she had been conscious of healthy eating and exercise, she committed to following a heart healthy diet and intense exercise routine.

Jo exercised consistently; often taking 5 – 9 classes per week. Water aerobics, Pilates, Power Flex, Seniors Yoga, and Silver Sneakers are her favorite classes. She has made lots of friends and considers participation in all these classes an integral part of her life now.

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The Key to Jo’s success she says is “adopting changes slowly and not being too rigid.” She avoids eating processed foods, sugar, and white flour as much as possible. Her “diet” includes plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, lean protein (focused on organic chicken, wild caught salmon, and plant protein powder), whole grains (excluding wheat), as well as natural vitamin/mineral supplementation. She also makes sure she drinks lots of water. Jo said, “I love to buy organic food at the Bigfork Farmer’s Market and try to eat only organic for produce items known to have the highest concentrations of pesticides. Fresh is Best!”

After three years of Lifestyle Transformation Jo not only found her weight stabilized below what she had tried dieting down to, but her cardiologist said it was as though Jo had given herself a heart by-pass.

Jo continued, “My heart was working as it should and I was healthier than ever without medication, surgery and rehab. By eating healthy, exercising regularly, and God’s grace, I have changed my health.”

Jo is grateful for the MAC and the excellent instructors who have challenged, motivated, and encouraged her and most of all made exercising FUN! 🙂

Lifestyle changes will make a difference. Exercise and eating healthfully not only help us feel good but Jo is proof-positive there are beneficial physical changes as well.

We can help you make changes and Get Results!

Meet MAC member, Jeanne Southwood, who improved her Core Strength!

My personal trainer, the amazing Diana Hinzmann, told me today that I am one of the club’s Success Stories! Well, this is my story.

I have been working with Diana for two and a half years, and the improvement in my overall strength, balance, endurance, and general physical health has been phenomenal. I have been diagnosed with some fairly severe back issues, and consequently have also been a physical therapy client of Tyler Ladenburg’s. The two of them have partnered to work with me, especially on core strength as a key to my back health.

To say that they have worked miracles is an understatement. In addition to workouts at the Montana Athletic Club, I am able to hike, kayak, and run after our grandchildren. But the culmination was my very successful first attempt this summer at paddleboarding! All that core and balance work paid off. I was quite confident in spite of some current in the lake and was able to remain on the paddleboard for 45 minutes before bringing it safely to the beach. What fun!

I appreciate Diana, Tyler, and the Montana Athletic Club for making a real difference in my life.

If you would like greater Results we can help you.
Please call Sally to hook you up with a trainer.

This is Josh Sather, a changed Man!

Josh is a 2013 Bigfork High School graduate with great news! He earned a partial scholarship to Minot State University in North Dakota. Josh will play football this fall while taking a full-load of classes. Great Going Josh.

Josh made a conscious decision to improve his grades and train harder for football. He knew with focus and determination he would make his goals come true. Along with dedication, he had the support of friends and especially his brother, Jeremy, who also played High School Football.

Josh started playing football his sophomore year but was sidelined by injury. He played his junior year but was dissatisfied with his performance. Josh decided to start working out harder and with more consistency. Working with Saia at the Montana Athletic club he created a 7-day workout plan; 6 days he spends at the gym doing weight training and cardio. On the 7th day he takes a well deserved break. Josh’s motivation and consistency paid off on the Football field and recruiters noticed. Josh’s scholarship is the first in his family and he would not have received such an honor if his grades were not high enough.

But grades were important to Josh also, so he addressed that issue with the same positive energy. Josh started studying with more focus and raised his GPA by .5 points. He realized he enjoyed learning as much as loved physical performance. Josh, you are an inspiration! Good luck in the fall, we will be rooting.

Dennis Kelleher Spartan Warrior – KYA Instructor – Dragon Boat Captain

Dennis Kelleher has been a Raving Fan and member of the MAC since 2006. “For anyone who has looked into the mirror and said, ‘this is just all WRONG and I really need to do something about this body!’

I was that person; I saw my body in the mirror and I was horrified. I decided it was Now or Never, and I knew it had to be NOW!”

Dennis got down to business; he found a Personal Trainer and started to work out consistently. He took “before” photos of his body and started a planned nutritional program.

“I have never looked back,” Dennis continued. “I changed my whole lifestyle; I exercise and I eat according to a pretty strict plan, and I’m the guy who used to order two Quarter Pounders with Cheese, Two French Fries and a huge Soda for one meal.” That kind of food consumption took its toll and Dennis weighed almost 200lbs.

Dennis eats healthy meals that include fresh vegetables, lean meat and lots and lots of water and protein drinks. He has embraced his new lifestyle and will continue on this path forever. “I feel so good, why wouldn’t I?” Dennis said.

“It’s not a diet, it is changing the way you think about food and exercise,” Dennis said. “If you don’t change how you eat you just won’t lose weight,” Dennis continued. The combination of healthy eating, having a trainer and exercising 6 days a week has made all the difference. “When I miss a day of exercise, I feel it and I don’t like the way that feels! Dennis exclaimed. “And it wasn’t always like that… when my waist was 40″ it was difficult to move, much less exercise. Now that my waist is 32”, I can push my self. I competed in the Spartan Race; I teach KYA class at the Club and will row in the Dragon Boat competition coming up in the fall.

“I have lost 30 lbs, my clothes fit, I am careful about my food portions, and I do something physical every single day. These are choices I make everyday and it works for me, and I have never been happier.”

Thanks Dennis for making the MAC your exercise facility and being an inspiration to us all.

Tracy Karger, Transformed!

“I got just to the point I was disgusted with myself,” said Tracy Karger when asked how he began his transformation. This transformation was made by hard work and commitment. Tracy lost over 50lbs by adhering to a healthy eating plan and adding exercising to his daily routine. Tracy feels great, and did I mention he looks great too!

“Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went,” Tracy continued, “and I felt terrible. So, I decided to make some major changes in my life. I had to stop eating Ma’s desserts and start eating healthy clean food. I eat a lot of salads, maybe a chicken breast for lunch, broccoli and eggs. I feel so good now. But it doesn’t happen over night; you must be patient and keep at it. Keep exercising and keep eating smart.”

I weighed 275lbs, felt terrible, knew I was unhealthy and now only 6 months later I weigh 220. My clothes don’t feel tight; I am proud of my body and want to take care of it now.” People have noticed too!

Tracy has a friend who has started back at the gym while observing Tracy’s transformation. “It’s funny, it has had a ripple effect, I noticed a friend of mine from Bible Study coming into the MAC because he saw the changes in me. It feels good to know I can have a positive effect on someone else’s life and health.”

“Friends at the Club like Shanea, Signa and Robert were an inspiration to me too.” They always noticed how hard I was working and encouraged me every step of the way. When I started losing inches and gaining muscle they made me feel great. Robert, Signa and Shanea may not even know just how their kind words made such a difference to me. I’d like to thank them for helping me.”

This amazing MAC member lost weight and got himself into great shape with the help of his family and friends, and determination.

If you want to see Results we want to help you any way we can. We have extraordinary Trainers and Sallyanne at the Concierge Desk will be happy to hook you up for success.

Meet MAC member Susan Hill – Spartan Warrior

Susan is in the best shape of her life; she looks terrific and feels great. And she has worked hard for it.

Susan earned a Volleyball scholarship to college and got her degree in biology. After working several jobs; life took a turn and Susan gained weight. Eventually Susan weighed 210 lbs.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired, Susan decided to make some small changes. She was determined to set herself up for success and not failure. Drastic changes can lead to perceived failure and Susan knew that. So, she began a manageable approach to releasing weight; she cut out one thing at a time. The first step on Susan’s lifestyle makeover was deleting sweet tea and pop from her diet: (Soda has 11 teaspoons of sugar in 12 oz.) Once she trained her body to prefer water over sugary drinks, Susan altered and substituted healthier foods and behaviors.

Susan has lost over 70lbs and kept if off for over two years. She works out regularly, eats thoughtfully, and, owns two Little Caesar Pizza restaurants. What was that? She owns two Caesars Pizza restaurants and has kept off 70 lbs. How does she do it?

Along with diet changes, Susan works out with personal trainer, Diana Hinzman.

Training with Diana, Susan has learned just how hard one must work to be strong and powerful. With regular exercise and weekly appointments with Diana, Susan is in great shape. She can do cardio, lift weights and stretch and have fun doing it.

She follows the 80/20 rule. It is not easy, but if you follow the 80/20 rule it can work for you too. Eat thoughtfully, exercise and be positive 80+ percent of the time. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

Thank you Susan, for being an inspiration!

Meet Melody Buller, a Winner in every sense!

Melody referred four New MAC members during our Free Business Week with Waterstreet and won the Drawing for the New 32′ TV. Winner! Congratulations Melody. You can enter and Win too! Refer a friend, if they join you will be added to the TV drawing held March 20!

You may not know that Melody is one of the most committed fitness warriors at the Mac and has to date lost more than 85 pounds.

Melody started thinking about getting into shape after she tragically lost her son, Steven. After watching Tara on The Biggest Loser TV show, Melody was so moved she decided to change her life for good. She committed to eating healthier food and walking. One day at a time. She started walking, and walking and walking. Soon, her niece asked her to join a 5K race. Melody and her niece have participated in several 5K races and will compete in the Bloomsday 12k race in May.

Wow! Melody keeps turning up the heat.

In February, Melody started working out with another Goal in mind. She will participate in the Spartan Races in May. A day of grueling physical competition held at the Flathead Lake Lodge.

To get into Spartan Warrior shape, Melody is taking Gigi’s Spartan Race Prep class that includes difficult exercises like Burpees, Bear and Army Crawls and Box Jumps.

From walker, to runner, to Spartan Warrior! Melody you are our inspiration.

Good Luck Melody, somehow we all know you will achieve your goals. Thank you for being a member at the MAC.


Meet Anela, she will inspire you the way she inspires me every day.

Anela joined the MAC in November with her fiancé to get into shape for their wedding coming up in June.

  • Anela has not missed a day since she joined in November! That is over 60 days
  • Anela took advantage of our Orientation Program with our Personal Trainers when she signed up.
  • She liked working with a trainer so much she meets with Diana three times a week.
  • It is a proven statistic if you want to see quantitative results work out with a trainer.
  • Anela loves to work out and it has become an integral part of her life. She starts with an hour of cardio and then moves on to weight training.
  • Anela has lost over 30 pounds and feels marvelous!

Did you know if you do something for 21 days straight it will become a habit? And it could become one you love!

Anela, you are an inspiration, thank you for joining Team MAC

Meet Carol Nelson and her Golden Retriever pal, Wyatt.

Carol started Personal Training with Diana Hinzmann after she fought and beat an illness last year. “Diana is the best,” said Carol; “she is so knowledgeable about exercise and taught me the most effective exercise program. Diana made my goals attainable and fun. “

“Diana made exercise fun and she gave me lots of encouragement,” carol continued. “Now I enjoy working out. And it works ….. I went down a size in my jeans and said goodbye to 10 lbs!”

Carol is in the great shape, she feels great, looks great and is enjoying each day with her husband Dennis, two dogs, Wyatt and Cody, horses and grandchildren. Life is very good indeed!

Good Going Carol, congrats on all your hard work… You are the inspiration.

Congratulations Craig Schmit!

Craig, a Montana Athletic Club member, recently earned his Certification as an American College of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer.

The gold standard for Personal Training Certification, the ACSM is an on-line program that includes a three day workshop in Denver, all culminating in a 2 ½ hour test with 150 questions. Craig passed with flying colors. But, it hasn’t always been easy for Craig.

In February of 2010 Craig suffered a traumatic Stroke leaving him with major speech and physical challenges. “Basically,” said Craig, “I had to totally start over; I had to learn to walk and talk. But, you know what? When I think about it now, having a stroke has made me a better person.”

With exhaustive therapy Craig got himself in prime condition both mentally and physically. He continues to work out at the MAC several times a week and raise his two sons. When Craig decided to change careers and become a Personal Trainer it is not surprising he succeeded.

Great job Craig.

Robin Shanks

Meet Robin Shanks, a MAC member since 2004; she is a hard working Cardio enthusiast who has achieved her desired results by committing to consistent exercise and joining weight watchers. The regime is working: Robin feels great, has released over 80lbs and now wears a size 4!

How did you start?

“I weighed over 200 lbs and I was miserable. I was sick a lot of the time, my legs hurt and I didn’t have any energy. I knew I had to do something so I just started. I was tired of not feeling healthy and happy. Now I am both. Just start and commit to it. Results will come if you stick with it.”

Why the Montana Athletic Club?

“I have always felt welcome at the MAC. When I was 200 lbs I felt welcome and I feel just as welcome now. Everyone is supportive and helpful. I love it here. When I miss a workout, which I rarely do, I know I will be missed. The staff at the MAC cares about us and wants us to succeed.”

What is your exercise routine?

“I workout consistently at least 4 or 5 times a week and I eat healthfully. I found a good, hard cardio workout burns fat and makes me sweat so I really feel great. Working out hard makes me feel good. I am hooked on exercise because I have more energy than I ever had in my life.”

What do you eat?

I joined Weight Watchers and it is a great program that works for me. I never deny myself anything. I eat a cookie every single night. Weight Watchers is great, but I must combine it with hard cardio for the pounds to stay off.”

Robin’s Philosophy: Robin believes you must combine exercise and eating properly.
Robin believes if you want weight loss results you must be willing to work hard, have faith in yourself and find patience, because change doesn’t happen overnight.
Robin does not believe in denying yourself the foods you love, but you must eat smaller amounts and exercise religiously.

Robin’s happy marriage and strong faith have helped her find serenity and happiness.

Parting thoughts from Robin:

“If I can inspire one person with my success that is all I really require. That gives me great joy.”

Interview with Sherri and Pete Bentley

Susan is in the best shape of her life; she looks terrific and feels great. And she has worked hard for it.

Susan earned a Volleyball scholarship to college and got her degree in biology. After working several jobs; life took a turn and Susan gained weight. Eventually Susan weighed 210 lbs.

Sherri and Pete Bentley joined the MAC in 2006. They moved to Bigfork from Southern California and built their award winning home overlooking the Eagle Bend Golf Course. “We were looking to improve our fitness and health,” Sherri said. “We toured the MAC, liked the friendly staff, the wide variety of equipment and the facilities. The fact that the MAC was local was a real plus. We like supporting our town.”

“We work out five to six days a week and we look forward to coming to the MAC. Sherri begins her workout on the stationery bike for 30 minutes to get her heart going and her blood flowing,” says Pete. “She then works her way through some of the machines for toning and general fitness,” he continues. Sherri initially met with Gigi, a personal trainer, who showed her how to use all weight machines properly and take the intimidation factor out of many first-time experiences. “Gigi was great,” Sherri said, “she showed us around and helped us get started – she was very helpful.

Pete starts his 90 minute workout on the treadmill and then moves on to weight machines and free weights. “I like to work my upper body,” says Pete, “and flexibility is also very important. It’s mostly directed toward trying to hit a golf ball farther! We have worked with Saia too and he was great and knows his stuff. The entire staff is very friendly and we look forward to getting to know all of them better.”

Sherri and Pete’s commitment to working out at the MAC was supported by their other major health initiative to quit smoking. “We had both smoked for a long time,” Pete stated, “but eventually we became determined not to smoke in our new house. We succeeded with a combination of self-determination and a drug called Chantix.”

Chantix is a medication taken in pill form that affects the neurotransmitters in the brain which reduces the cravings for nicotine. Sherri said, “My hair, my skin, my breathing and my endurance have all improved. I still have a way to go , but giving up cigarettes was one of the best things we could have done for ourselves.”

Peter retired as Colonel on the Air Force. He served as the Wing Commander of five airlift wings at Air Force and Air Force Reserve bases all over the US. Sherri was the “First Lady” of those wings and was active on many boards as well as serving as the President of the Officers’ Wives Club at those locations. Their most fascinating highlight occurred in June 1990, when Pete’s base in Minneapolis hosted the arrival ad departure of Mikhail and Raisa Gorbachev during a visit to the Twin Cities. “It was a short notice visit and we had only ten days to organize security, logistics, communications, etc.,” Pete said. “It was hectic. Also, during the visit Sherri ended up in a room with just Mrs. Gorachev and her interpreter. Her one-on-one conversation with Raisa about the political situation in Eastern Europe and the potential for missile reduction was an amazing 15 minutes; one we’ll never forget!”

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