MAC Tennis & Pickleball

The MAC features 4 championship outdoor tennis courts, 3 of which are lined out for pickleball, bring the total pickleball courts to 7.

We also have the indoor gymnasium, which is lined out for one pickleball court for winter use. All outdoor courts can be reserved for either pickleball or tennis in the spring/summer/fall and the indoor pickleball program has 3 set days/times a week for play.

Please call the MAC Concierge for times, reservations or details.

Tennis & Pickleball Membership Pricing

This includes pickleball court use.

Outdoor Tennis and Pickleball Membership

All Season, “Nets Up” to “Nets Down” $100
From July 1st to “Nets Down” $75
From August 1st to “Nets Down” $50
From September 1st to “Nets Down” $25

Price is for family membership – includes spouse and immediate children under 21 years old.

Normal membership form filled out. Membership pictures taken, card given. Tennis members can charge to their accounts and be billed accordingly. Tennis members can use the locker room facilities on the day of their reservation only. Tennis memberships are non-transferable.

Non-Member Court Fees

With a MAC / Club Tennis Member $5.00
Without a MAC / Club Tennis Member $5.00
Week pass 7 consecutive days, tennis only, first-come first-serve reservations     $35.00
Pickleball Day Pass $5.00

Fee is per day. Includes tennis court usage ONLY. Additional fees apply to use the MAC facility (normal guest fees). Non-members cannot make reservations, can use the courts on a first-come first-serve basis. Once they are on the court, a member cannot cut their allotted time short.

Court Reservation Rules

  1. Montana Athletic Club Phone Number: 406-837-2582
  2. Only MAC Members (must be at least a monthly member), MAC Tennis Members and our sister clubs (PEAK facilities, Wave, Rain, Harbor Square, Liberty Lake) can reserve a court.
  3. Reservations: MAC Members can reserve a court up to 72 hours in advance. MAC Tennis Members can reserve a court 48 hours in advance. When making a court reservation, please ask what type of member the caller is. Non-members can reserve a court when they arrive. Once non-members are playing they have the court for the standard length of time.
  4. Only one court can be reserved by a member at a time per day. Different family members can reserve at different times.
  5. Reservations can be made in person or by calling the MAC.
  6. When making a reservation by phone, you may not call ahead of time (before 72 hrs) and be placed on hold. You must call at the appropriate time.
  7. Length of Reservations: A maximum of up to 1 1⁄2 hr for singles and 2 hours for doubles per reservation per member per day. If the court is open prior to or after your reservation, the court is yours, until the next reservation for your court.
  8. No Back to Back Court reservations: No player can play in back to back court reservations. You can play more than once a day, you just can’t have more than one court reservation in your name in a day and there must be a 1 1⁄2 hr time slot in between your playing times.
    • Repeat Reservations: Groups can have a repeat reservation, in other words, the same time each week, without calling. There are two conditions: ALL people playing tennis on the reserved court MUST be at least Tennis Members. If there is one unannounced no-show, then that repeat time becomes void for the remainder of the season.
    • Cancellation Policy: MAC Members must cancel 48 hours prior to the reservation. Tennis Members must cancel 24 hours prior to reservation. Failure to do so will result in the court time being charged.
  9. Courtesy to other Members & Guests: Please be courteous of other members and their guests when it is time to change courts.
  10. Courts Fees: Members don’t pay for court time. Non-member guest fees: $5.00 per day with a member on your court or $5.00 per day without a member present on your court.
  11. 72 hour rule: You can call or book a court in person up to 72 hours in advance. Example: If you want to play on Thursday at 5:30pm you can call or make an in person reservation on or after 5:30pm on Monday or anytime in between. You can not make a reservation before 5:30pm on Monday for Thursday at 5:30pm. (The same applies for the 24 hour rule).
  12. Reservations left via e-mail, text or voice mails will not be considered.

Member / Guest Check-in Policy

  1. All Players must check in at the Front Desk before playing.
  2. All guest fees must be paid before non-members play. If a Tennis Member or MAC Member has a guest that does not pay, that guest fee will be charged to their account.
  3. Proper tennis shoes & attire are required. No black soled or marking shoes are allowed.

Professional's Court Usage

During Prime Times: Monday through Friday 9:00am to 12:00pm there will only be two (2) pros allowed on the court at a time. There are no Prime time hours on the weekends

All other times there can be up to 3 professionals on the court.


For all activities at the tennis club we will remind participants to check in at the front desk. All weekly activities will have a weekly checking roster that the participants must sign-in or swipe their cards to say they are here. All professionals will also have a roster on court to make sure we keep track of who is here per day.

Please check with the Pro or at the Front Desk for a listing of Classes / Clinics / Programs.

Racquet Stringing Policy

We have people who can string Tennis, Racquetball and Squash racquets. Price varies for racquet type and string brand. Please contact the Front Desk for details.

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